The NVW, now, is a leading protection products supplier in China.

We produce Instant hand sanitizer and collect various kind of Face Mask, Gloves, Protective Suit and etc. Our goal is to do best effort to supply various types of qualified epidemic prevention materials and are busy for delivering those items into the hands of oversea customers.

Our Strategy:

Based on the benefit of located in center of strong supply chain in china, closely work together with Wuxi United Chamber of Commerce and the members, NVW quickly become a global force that help the prevention and control of virus.

Our Benefit:

  1. Fast

1) The main products are all produced by Wuxi local manufacturers, with high production capacity, and can provide large quantities of products that meet international standards in a short time. All of them are professional factories and some of them are public listed company.

2) Relying on Wuxi International Airport, where is a leading Cargo flight harbor in east of china. Just less than Shanghai PVG airport. It is enable to fly the courier, air shipment cargo, or even chartered airplane.

Quickly deliver the goods is our benefit

3) There are overseas warehouses in Germany, which can be shipped by sea or railway. Customers can group purchase and separately pick up the goods in Germany warehouses.

  1. Quality

1) Strong supply chain, local raw materials & manufacturers, production processes and management are in very good condition.

2) Medical products are all from Certified and medical-grade enterprises.

  1. Experienced

1) The supply chain team has experienced during the epidemic situation in China and played a very important role at a critical moment. Now it can share the experience of anti-epidemic to oversea customers.

2) Can provide customers with a complete set of solutions, and rationally plan the procurement, logistics and use of epidemic prevention materials.