About us

Wuxi Jianuo Intelligent Industry Technology Co., Ltd is a leading company in china for Instant hand sanitizer and also the manufacturer of key machines for sanitizer.

We produce Instant hand sanitizer with various kind of choice of component and packing, the plant have more than 15 years’ experience in this industry.

During the Covid-19 spreading period, we build up a special team, called NVW team, for supplying various kind of prevention materials world widely. We closely cooperate with members of Wuxi United Chamber of Commerce who produce Face Mask, Gloves, Protective Suit and etc. Some of them are public listed companies.

Our goal is to do best effort to supply those qualified epidemic prevention materials and are busy for delivering items into the hands of oversea customers.

We hope through our effort, we can help the protection against virus in the world!

We will continue to work hard for this!