How to choose a suitable hand sanitizer?

With the convenience and hygiene of hand sanitizer, it is more and more popular and accepted by the public, In addition to the medical structure, hand sanitizer has become a must-have for every family. Nowadays, there are three types of common hand sanitizers, antibacterial hand sanitizers, and disposable hand sanitizers that are more popular on the market according to different functional types. 

How to choose a suitable hand sanitizer?
  • 75% alcohol concentration, truly long-term sterilization

Many hand sanitizer ingredients have been shown to contain an alcohol concentration of 99.99%, but according to scientific experiments, it is not that the higher the alcohol concentration, the better the bactericidal effect. The alcohol concentration that can really achieve high-efficiency sterilization is only between 70-75%, and the alcohol concentration of hand-free hand sanitizer produced by Jianuo Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. reaches 74%, which can really play a sterilizing and bacteriostatic effect.

  • Natural ingredients nourish, wash hands and protect hands

   This hand sanitizer is added with glycerin and natural vitamin E. It can also moisturize your hands while washing your hands. It will not feel dry after use.

How to choose a suitable hand sanitizer?
  • 55ML is compact and lightweight, carry it with you to avoid cross infection

The 55ML portable packaging can be carried around in pockets or handbags. It can be used anytime, anywhere and clean hands in outdoor places without washing. It avoids the problem of cross infection such as touching taps places, sharing public soap and hand sanitizer in public.

So for hand sanitizers, how should we choose how to buy it?

  1. When buying hand sanitizer, be sure to purchase it through regular channels, shopping malls, or directly through the manufacturer.
  2. Choose a hand sanitizer with appropriate acidity and alkalinity. The alcohol concentration should not be too high. If the pH is too high, it will affect the lack of water in the skin of the hands, and it may even cause dry skin cracks for a long time.
  3. Observe whether the outer packaging is intact, whether the writing is clear and whether it is within the shelf life.
  4. Observe the label manual of the product, and confirm that the hand sanitizer can be produced and sold only after it has been inspected and approved by an authority.
How to choose a suitable hand sanitizer?

Finally, the editor reminds you that it is important to choose a safe and reliable hand sanitizer for the family’s health.