Updates on Epidemic Worldwide

The U.S. might be in a hurry to restore pro sports, but Canada isn’t.

Canada’s austere approach to the pandemic and push for long-term social distancing measures stand in stark contrast to the approach of President Trump, who has spoken regularly with the leaders of sports leagues about getting games up and running again. Trump has included some of those leaders on his task force for restarting the U.S. economy, and he has said he wants athletic competition to begin again both for his own entertainment and as a symbol of life returning to normal.

Missouri files a lawsuit against China, blaming the country for the epidemic and seeking billions in damages.

Updates on coronavirus Worldwide

Iraq resists Iranian pressure to reopen their border.

   Lebanese protesters start returning to the streets — some in cars.

  Senate passes new relief package as Trump halts new green cards.

Electronic dance festivals are off in the Netherlands. Yes, that’s a big deal.

    In Poland, Communist-era milk bars offer comfort in a strange time.

A port city in Ecuador becomes an epicenter of the outbreak in Latin America.

   Chinese officials work to control new outbreak.

Chinese officials are scrambling to control the epidemic outbreak centered around the northern city of Harbin, even as life in much of the country has gone back to normal.

The outbreak started with a woman flying from the United States into the region in mid-March, state media reported. It has now spread to nearby Liaoning and Inner Mongolia and prompted the closure of a hospital in Harbin. A new outbreak could be particularly dangerous in China, where life has mostly gone back to normal, with people crowding on to subways and filling restaurants.