Why My Face Mask Fogs My Glasses?

In many parts of the world, nearly two out of three people wear corrective eyewear. And lately, many of us have the same complaint: Wearing a mask makes our glasses fog.

When we asked readers to send their questions during the special period, one of the most commonly asked questions was about how to solve the fogging problem. While the problem is new to us, it’s a daily challenge for health care workers. We asked them for suggestions on how to wear a mask while making sure we’re still able to see through our glasses.

Why does my mask make my glasses fog?

People who wear glasses already know that eyewear fogs when you walk out of a warm house into the cold outdoor air, or when you open an oven door. When we wear a mask, warm breath can escape through the top edges, along the tops of our cheeks. When the hot air lands on cooler lenses, it creates condensation on the surface and a foggy film. Cold weather makes the problem worse.

So how do I stop the fog?

You can start by improving the seal of the mask around the top of your face.

Mold your mask. Medical masks have built-in, bendable metal strips that you can mold to the bridge of your nose. You can add pipe cleaners to the top of a homemade fabric mask to get the same effect.

Tighten the mask. Adjust the ties or the ear loops so the mask fits snugly against your face. “If the air is going out the top, you don’t have your mask on correctly,” said Shan Soe-Lin, a lecturer at the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. “Most of the breath should be going through the mask. If you feel the air going in or out around the mask, tighten the ties.”

Pull up your mask. An easier tip for day-to-day mask wear is to use the weight of your glasses to block the air. Pull the mask up over the bridge of the nose as high as you can (make sure it’s still under your chin too) and let your glasses rest on top of the mask. I tried this and it works pretty well for me, but it depends on the shape and style of your eyewear.

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