Race against time

We Value People’s
Health More Than
Anyone Else.

The epidemic of coronavirus pneumonia is spreading globally.

We’re leading protection products supplier in China, and now we cooperate with members of Wuxi Chamber of Commerce to do best effort to help the protection against virus in the world. We can produce various types of qualified epidemic prevention materials and are busy for delivering those items into the hands of oversea customers.

We hope through our effort, we can send help more people !

We will continue to work hard for this !


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COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Several steps to help you protect yourselves:
1, Clean Hand frequently, if you always alone.
2, Wear 3ply face mask, if visit some people
3, Wear KN95 mask, if visit Covid-19 infectors
4, Wear disposable gloves, if ride on public Bus, Metro, Train or Shopping.